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The Internet of Everythings (IoE) and Physical Security


The Internet of Everything (IoE) and Physical Security


The Internet of Things started from computers, it then moved to smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and TVs. Now it is coming to so many other devices, this revolution has the potential to change how homes, industries, transport, and cities currently operate.

The spread of Internet of Everything (IoE) is expanding daily, opening up new integration possibilities and opportunities in many sectors.

As different sectors changed with the evolution from analog to digital, IOT is once again reshaping our everyday life. It is the next revolution, creating interconnectivity with our homes, cars, domestic and farm animals giving one the opportunity to stay connected and monitor and even change set parameters over networks from anywhere, bringing increased productivity, efficiency and safety.

We have moved from analog video to digital or IP, which has given improved resolutions, ability to zoom and power devices over Ethernet. This has brought more efficiency.  IOT devices will bring more possibilities as cameras and sensors are becoming more intertwined. These devices will eventually have substantial amount of computing power and the ability to be upgraded or refreshed, allowing the delivery of new integrations. This will extend the device’s lifecycle and provide a migration path as new technologies become available.

One of the biggest benefits of IoT will be greater return on investment since these devices like sensors will serve multiple purposes within a designated space.

Integration of solutions with intelligent devices and sensors will enable physical security to be further managed without human intervention and more and more systems will be automated as technologies like analytics to detect motion and trigger an action continue to increase.

Physical Security includes all measures taken to protect people, facilities and resources from damage or harm.  It includes techniques such as security guards, fencing, barriers, gates, spotlights, physical barriers, video surveillance, Intrusion detection and more.


Complementing perimeter or Physical Security with sensors and automated alert systems enhance efficiency.

Although physical security systems have been evolving over many years, using IoT in the years to come will significantly increase its effectiveness.

 Examples of how IOT and smart technology advances physical security:

Intelligent Monitoring

The Motion Sensors can detect occupancy, light  and temperature, these sensors can be set to turn  lights on and off as people come and go. The temperature detector can be set to trigger smart thermostats.

Door or window Sensor detects and reports the opening and closing of doors and windows. the sensors trigger a signal when parted, notifying the user when a room is breached.

The implementation of motion detection, audio detection and alert systems, a security concern can be managed much easier and faster. A video feed that only shows activity allows those monitoring to more easily detect concerns. Operation costs go down, while data storage needs decrease.

Alarm Alerts

Using smart cameras equipped with sensors or software that can detect misplacement, trigger alarm when a line or area is disturbed surely increases effectiveness of a security system. When a system can alert any sign of tampering, the possibility of missing suspicious activity goes down. Security can be notified in real-time about perimeter breaches and approaching threats. Integration of multiple device can set off a series of alarms, audio deterrent at point of breach, activation of spot light and auto tracking of intruder.

Facial Recognition

One of the most intelligent advents in video surveillance is facial recognition. This software can not only identify individuals, it can even find signs of a possible threat by measuring key identifiers such as a high heart rate or nervous facial expression. If these facial recognition techniques can use the internet of things to create automated alerts and events, threats can then be identified and addressed immediately.


Law enforcement agencies, school campuses, prisons, secure facilities and others can benefit from IOT and security, with the help of intelligent technology and the Internet of Things they will be able to operate more efficiently in handling threats and potential breaches.




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