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Seaport Solution

Seaports cover large geographic areas that include varied perimeters that cannot be secured the same way as you would approach most perimeter security applications, i.e
fences aren't feasible for the waterside segment, lighting is often poor or unavailable in some areas. Ports are often adjacent to public areas  where intruders present both security and safety threats, accidents such as cable and poles being unearthed happen at any time. Also salty air due to the proximity to sea, all need to be taken into consideration


  • Adaptive camera: Anti- corrosion, panorama, thermal camera
  • Map-based GUI (graphical user interface): Smart tools provide an easy to use and intuitive visual experience
  • Perimeter monitoring to detect unauthorised intruder to 3m of the intrusion location.
  • Automatic tracking from point of intrusion
  • Event triggers at point of intrusion i.e  spot lights or sirens 
  • Thermal detection : Better night effect and contrast effect for shipping line cargo area and perimeter
  • IP cameras with smart detection functionality can automatically detect objects in predefined areas and trigger an alarm. 
  • 4K  Resolution cameras: Provides 4 times the details of 1080p in the same scenario
  • Panorama Mode: One camera with a 180 degree field of view seamlessly covers shipping lanes like never before
  • Access control for meeting rooms allows authorized personnel to conveniently enter and exit, while keeping unauthorized personnel out. 
  • Control center with live video feeds on the video wall, for  quick and easy location of scene and coordination of response.

3RT Solutions is a provider of intelligent security intrusion detection systems, combining field proven technologies and products. We are system integrator with a global outlook and a local touch, offering monitoring, precise detection and tracking of unauthorized access for critical infrastructure and high value assets against threats vandalism and sabotage.  



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