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Airport facilities face specific security challenges; they cover immense areas, spanning hundreds, sometimes thousands, of acres, traditionally focused more on internal security measures. This can leaves external airport security vulnerable, making airport perimeters the system’s weakest point. The vulnerability of airports’ perimeters is heightened by concerns over potential trespassers or invaders gaining access to runways and airplanes using external, rather than internal, means.

Given this situation, the challenge then is to heighten both internal and external security measures to help prevent and respond to real or perceived threats. For external areas, this involves protecting perimeters, runways, airplanes and adjacent/remote airport properties.

Our automated surveillance solution arms airports with a powerful ‘command and control’ system for detecting, identifying and tracking security breaches within and among these expansive, complex facilities. Integrating internal and external cameras, fence detection systems and other security assets. Solution identifies when designated security parameters have been violated, notifies security personnel with an alarm, tracks and records the intrusion and provides operators with the information they need to orchestrate an appropriate emergency response.


  • Map-based GUI (graphical user interface): Smart tools provide an easy to use and intuitive visual experience
  • Perimeter monitoring to detect unauthorised intruder to 3m of the intrusion location.
  • Automatic tracking from point of intrusion
  • Event triggers at point of intrusion i.e  spot lights or sirens 
  • Thermal detection : Better night effect and contrast effect for flight line and perimeter
  • IP cameras with smart detection functionality can automatically detect objects in predefined areas and trigger an alarm. 
  • 4K  Resolution cameras: Provides 4 times the details of 1080p in the same scenario
  • Access control for control centre allows authorized personnel to conveniently enter and exit, while keeping unauthorized personnel out. 
  • Control center with live video feeds on the video wall, for quick and easy location of scene and coordination of response.

3RT Solutions is a provider of intelligent security intrusion detection systems, combining field proven technologies and products. We are system integrator with a global outlook and a local touch, offering monitoring, precise detection and tracking of unauthorized access for critical infrastructure and high value assets against threats vandalism and sabotage.  



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