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Layered Perimeter Security Approach For Schools

Layered Perimeter Security Approach For Schools

Many schools have come under attack in Nigeria; we have seen a surge in kidnappings from the Chibok girls in the Borno State in the North East to the children in Ikorodu in Lagos, South West Nigeria.  Schools face new security challenges and there is need to invest in Intelligent and Integrated Surveillance.  These solutions would help schools to deter, detect, delay, potential breaches, providing them with plan for responders to intercept a threat.

Physical Perimeter Security can be defined as systems and technologies that protect people and assets within a facility and its grounds by blocking unauthorised physical intrusions across the perimeter.

Advances in technology have helped increase the scope of perimeter security systems, used to prevent and detect intrusions in military facilities, critical infrastructure, and other high-risk sites. Perimeter security solutions are now being used in areas such as commercial and residential sites, retail spaces, schools and many other urban and remote locations.

Perimeter security can include video detection, intrusion detection, access control, security fencing and gates. The type of systems and technologies deployed will depend on the likely intrusion risks, which can range from theft, kidnapping to terrorism.

Deter - Detect - Delay - Assess

  1. Gates and fences are the starting point for establishing perimeter, the  gates and access points are controlled mainly by security guards, these systems can be automated to track and limit who has access to secured areas and defined areas.
  2. Topping on fences: Barbed wire Electric Perimeter Fencing and Shark Tooth are all fence toppings which provide a further visible deterrent against potential intruders or unauthorised guests.
  3. CCTV should be used in monitoring the perimeter as an added layer of security; this system operates continuously or as required to monitor a particular time.
  4. CCTV with video Analytics, introducing video analytic with CCTV will enable people counting, auto tracking, facial recognition and other advance features.

Every aspect of your security hardware should be routinely inspected to ensure everything is working properly.


The security infrastructure in schools need to be evaluated and processes and technology need to be put in place based on the risk assessment and budget.

Speak with security professionals, security consultants or systems integrators for advice on perimeter solutions suitable for your facility. Every security system is uniquely tailored to each situation.


The best way to approach perimeter and security design is to consider solutions starting from the street and working your way into and around the facility.

Establish a single, controlled access point that prevents a visitor from moving past that point without authorization.

This creates a control point where a visitor comes and speaks with someone who greets and identifies the visitor, and then is either allowed or denied access into the controlled area.

Introduce tripwire event triggers for area which are unguarded or not easily visible.


The physical security hardware on its own is not adequate alone to ensure occupant safety. Schools need trained people in place who know the procedures that can circumvent incidences from occurring and guide everyone to safety in an emergency.

A successful perimeter and security strategy in place means making sure that all the components are in place and effectively working together.




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