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Solutions & Value Propositions

3RT Solutions strives to support its clients to achieve their objectives by supplying the most appropriate technological solutions. Our solutions are grouped broadly into Alternative/ Renewable Energy, Central Management system,Communication and Security Solutions and Collaboration & Learning.


Are your security and application delivery needs being met? We believe in asking the right questions at the right time enables us to assess a project throughout its lifecycle, identify vital business functions and their dependencies and ensure that our customer’s business objectives are fully met.


We help you meet your business goals. Our designs are developed by our experienced technical product engineers who explore, refine and prototype design solutions to ensure that our customer’s requirements are fully satisfied before deployment.


Education to maximise your investments. Our subject matter experts are qualified product engineers with many years of experience in the IT security industry. We offer a full range of educational services, ranging from hands-on skills transfer, classroom based sessions right through to end user security awareness training. Our training can be customised to reflect our customers exact configuration to get the most value out of the sessions.


Where do you need do to meet your objectives? We understand that cost and time factors are major influences in any decision and take these into account in consultation. This ensures our customers are completely satisfied that they are getting the best solution to the reach the desired results.


Expert deployment of solutions to your needs. We are aware no two installations are the same and that downtime is a major consideration for any organisation. Therefore, thorough planning is fundamental to our process. All of our installations are performed by fully accredited personnel with a wealth of experience.


Keeping you optimised, safe, secure and reliable. Our Support Service supports your business through all break fix incidents.