Managed Services

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Full Managed Service is an outsourced ICT Solution, covering all aspects of your ICT service from managing notebooks and desktops through to managing your servers, email solutions and operating systems. Your existing ICT staff will normally transfer to 3RT and we become solely accountable for maintaining and improving the quality of the service that you receive from your entire ICT provision.

The aim of a Full Managed Service is to take away the burden of managing, supporting and supplying the ICT service from you. By removing the need to look after the day-to-day ICT upkeep and management as much as possible , it allows you to focus on the main purpose of business. At the same time it improves the reliability of your ICT provision, increases efficiency, flexibility and accessibility.

Central Management

This is the heart of the system. We provide management for your Central management centre. This is were your systems are agregated and where adequate visibility and control is available from a a single location, housing the following:

  • Storage System
  • Billing System
  • Application Control Systems
  • Network management System